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Regan Shanks Stone Masonry

We specialize in unique hand crafted memorials, letter cutting, stone masonry, stone signage, heritage restoration, carving and sculpture. Regan Shanks (Owner) is a qualified stonemason with many years experience in masonry and heritage restoration. We take a very ‘hands on’ approach to design, layout and pride ourselves in completing all projects to a very high standard. There is no compromise on quality and workmanship in any of our projects.

Memorials / Signage

A major part of our business includes custom memorials for clients who are looking for something unique for their loved ones or that special celebration.

Our custom made memorials are crafted by hand using deep relief technique and design. The results are unattainable through regular sand blasting.

We also offer hand cut lettering for signage for businesses, buildings, entranceways and driveways.

Please talk with us about different options for memorials and signage.

Restoration /
Banker Masonry

Regan’s Banker mason skills have been contracted by many companies for set out, templating and re-carving of various stone features on historic and new builds throughout New Zealand.

All conservation and restoration of heritage buildings is carried out under the ICOMOS NZ Charter 2010. Being qualified stonemasons we adhere to this in our business.


Being taught from a young age how to carve wood and bone from his father, Regan moved next to Parkside limestone quarry in Oamaru NZ and began sculpting stone 25 years ago.

Constantly learning with new mediums and techniques Regan is influenced by the New Zealand landscape, culture and ocean, this is reflected within the sculpture.

Regans work has been exhibited and sold throughout New Zealand, USA and Europe, with regular commisioned works being undertaken.


We offer a range of different styles of stonework. We work with a variety of stone for purposes such as cladding, drystone walls, retaining, fire pits, stonewalls, fireplaces and landscaping.

We are a business that honors both traditional methods, along with modern practices and engineering for correct installation and longevity of stone structures.

Affiliation and membership of the New Zealand Stonemasons Association is important to us to keep a high standard of workmanship within the industry.

Themeing / Film Work

Regan has many years experience in both the motion picture industry and theme park industry both locally in New Zealand and abroad.

Along with Regan’s sculpture ability he is sought out for his vision and ability in bringing co-workers together to complete large scale sculpture projects that are necessary in these industries.

This work has included faux facade carving, poly carving, prop making, theme work, concrete sculpting and mould making.

Regan Shanks Stone Masonry

Regan Shanks Stone Masonry